Modified Processing Technique for Acrylic Resin Denture Base

  • Ibrahim Alfahdawi


Modified flasking technique for acrylic resin denture base at sandy stage. The uniform denture base plate wax pattern was made on the stone casts with a thickness of 3 mm. For the flow of acrylic on ridge, the necks of teeth were slight grinded from palatal or lingual surfaces toward buccal surface to allow more space. The volume of the definitive casts must be reduced as much as possiblebefore flasked in the lower part of the traditional flasks and fill with dental plaster (class II) covering the buccal, labial, incisal and occlusal surfaces of the teeth to give more support and prevent teeth migration. After curing cycle, the denture bases are carefully deflasked, the excess trimmed and polished the surfaces of the denture. Dentures processed with this procedure provides good retention and esthetic, more hygienic and comfortable for the patient than those processed with the conventional method. Giving more support and prevent teeth migration, comfortable for patient, good esthetic, give fine details of the mold and decreasing of time required for processing and finishing the cured prostheses.

Jun 11, 2018
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